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Are you raising funds for an organization, project or fundraising event?

Partner with Island Express and let us help you to help others!

Island Express is an innovative company created especially to offer people big and small, a selection of unique and smile-evoking gifts and souvenirs that truly bring the sun and fun of the Bahamas to wherever you are.

Our company expands your fundraising outreach from local sales to a worldwide Global market. This opens doors around the world creating the ultimate fundraising opportunity for everyone involved.

How can Bahamas Souvenirs help you…help others?

Island Express provides your organization with an exclusive coupon code that offers shoppers special savings on Island Express purchases — and directs a percentage of the profits directly to your cause.

How do people buy this stuff?
Island Express provides you with an appealing online storefront filled with fun, easy and useful products for all ages… and even the family pet!

Two Ways to Shop

For tourists and those visiting The Bahamas… Why stuff your suitcase?!
Enjoy the convenience of shopping our special collection of “Bahamas Beach Tees & Gifts” right from your beach chair…and they show up at home!

Bringing Bahamas to the rest of the world…
People all over the world can enjoy the warmth and fun of The “Bahamas Beach Collection” — and know that each purchase results in supporting your worthy cause.

Now, here’s the amazing part!

Only 25% of profits are reserved for Island Express registrations and administration… which means a whopping 75% of profits are donated back to your fundraising efforts.

How do you optimize your success with Island Express?
Island Express offers marketing materials, Island Express graphics and guidelines for social media outreach. We also provide you with product updates, specials and sometimes there’s a little surprise like associated live concerts, prizes and so much more.

Let us help you…help others.

Coming October 2022!

Island Express at the Warwick Paradise Island Hotel – Bahamas

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